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From the Chairman's Pen

“Imagine the prismatic possibilities with SRKPGC”

Dear Students,
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

-Nelson Mandel

Education is important but so is knowledge & to ensure that the students also receive them, with this notion to proliferate our empire to exacerbate the employability, practicability, for the young minds. We are going to start a new journey in “Nursing” to full fill the frame of reference stand points. So, I welcome you heartily in “Shri Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Nursing College, Kishangarh. Which is an acclaimed institution in our town.

Our vision is based to prepare nurses who will work in hospital and community with dedication, devotion, compassion and kindness. We strongly believe in irrigating the deserts. It is done by not compromising in teaching standards or disciplines, and encouraging optimistic approach to live. May God bless all of you with enlightenment minds, clarity of thoughts, sense of justice and an independent and analytical thinking to shape a better India!

Best Wishes,
Ashok Patni
Chairman ,R.K Patni Girls College.

A Word from the Director and Secretary

“Innovate to unlock the new realms of opportunities”

Dear Nursing Students,

Nothing is impossible the word itself says. “‘I’ am possible!”

I welcome you all with a sense of pride & excitement. Every day you can learn something new if you keep yourself focused, you will have a mighty minds that can make everything possible with breadth of view. I, wish you all become affluent inventive minds & achieve your goals with flush full future lucrative.

Good Wishes,
C.A Subhash Agarwal
(Director, Secretary R.K Patni Girls College)

Dear Students,
“Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.


Dear students,

I welcomes you in a unique profession ‘Nursing’ which has blend of cognitive, psychomotor & affective domain. Nursing education empowers one to lift oneself from darkness to light.

I feel that education should not be confined only by the text books but empowers oneself to explore various avenues. The students who join the nursing are young with creative minds, mental agility, ideas of their own have innate abilities & their own adroitness. As a mentor, facilitator it is my bound duty to tap your interest and to build or inculcate the right values among nursing girls and prepare for the servicing in their best way with their right knowledge, proper attitude, quality education in order to render their standards. SRKPGNC not only focus Nursing Education but facilitates holistic personality developments in the students

As a principal, look forward to seeing the student progress in a limelight manner!

Dr.Anil Parashar (Principal)
Shri RatanlalKanwarlalPatni Girls’Nursing College