Shri Ratanlal Kanwarlal
Patni Girls’ Nursing College
Shri Ratanlal Kanwarlal
Patni Girls’ Nursing College
Welcome to Shri R.K. Girls Nursing College, Ajmer

"A place where we believe in the transformative power of imagination."

Nestled in the serene town of Kishangarh, known for its distinctive Bani Thani paintings, it is the home of a renowned and prestigious institute of higher education with its perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Shri Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Girls’ Nursing College is a unique illustration of Public Private Partnership between the Government of Rajasthan and the R.K. Group. The institution stresses the conventional aspect of college education and the more significant factor of skill building and employability.


As a nursing college, R.K. Girls’ Nursing College is established to nurture the brightest minds and give them an opportunity to make a difference in their community.


The mission of R.K. Girls’ Nursing College is to provide nursing education to uplift women in Indian Society by making healthcare professionals who will be role models and advocates for their patients and communities.

Facilities we provide



Access to world-class labs and technologies for the proper medical learning of the upcoming nurses. Practicals make a nurse perfect!



Hostel accommodations that are clean and green are available for students supporting all the basic necessities of life.



Promotes competitive games and sports on the State and National levels by organizing sports activities and tournaments with world-class sports infrastructure on the campus.


Successfully Complete Your Degree At R.K. Girls Nursing College, Ajmer

Say hello, to your nursing career with R.K. Girls Nursing College, Ajmer. Nurturing the future nurses with quality education and practical learning.


B.Sc. Nursing



Start Your New Career With R.K. Girls Nursing College, Ajmer

With the best teachers, quality education, and practical training, start your nursing career with the best nursing college in Ajmer.

Scholarship Programs

A dedicated Scholarship Cell to provide the students with information about the latest scholarships and to make education more affordable.

Career Opportunities

At R.K. Girls' College, we strive to help each student explore placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus recruitment of students.


Placement And Internship

The placement cell comprises a very systematic interaction with the industry and ongoing career counseling of the students. Right from the beginning of the session, students are continuously counseled concerning their career aspirations and options, which is vigorously followed up with the potential recruiters for participating in the placement activities conducted throughout the year. This helps the students get their ‘dream’ jobs and also assists the visiting placement companies in identifying the ‘right’ candidate for their organization.

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